You are only one MASSAGE away from a GOOD MOOD.

To Do List: Schedule massage. Get massage. Schedule next massage.

Keep Calm and BOOK A MASSAGE!

Your body talks… our hands listen.

A good weekend starts with a positive attitude and a great massage.

Make massage therapy a regular part of your well-being regime.

Massage is the answer. Who cares what the question is?

Trust us. You need us to knead you.

“I recently hired Susan for a Television Industry Convention I was producing in Las Vegas. Susan and her staff were simply wonderful. Very personable and friendly, they provided excellent service to my Convention attendees throughout the week. The massage work really was the hit of the event. I already have people asking if they will be at our event next year! I would highly recommend Susan and her company, and would gladly hire them again.”

Chris Carson, Promax BDA

“We hired Susan and her team to provide massage therapy for a hospitality lounge in Las Vegas. It was a last minute addition and Susan came through with impeccable service at the drop of a hat. Her costs were reasonable and well worth the great service. Her team was energetic and provided friendly interaction with our guests. I would highly recommend Hired Hands!”

Susan Bender, Sutherland Global Communications